Creating a Mission Statement for Your Private Practice that Actually Means Something

Creating a Mission Statement for Your Private Practice that Actually Means Something

Private Practice Mission Statement - Drs. Jeff & Susan Kegarise - The K2 Way - Optometry and Healthcare Private Practice

Every business is founded on a set of principles. Whether these are defined or not, they exist. Once clearly stated, they can help guide every aspect of a company, from the smallest daily process to overarching goals. These principles are often condensed into a mission statement. But we’ve all encountered company “missions” that missed the mark. Let’s discuss how to create a mission statement for your private practice that has substance. I’ve found this is an essential part of a solid foundation for your business.

Evaluate What Already Exists

Does your practice have a mission statement in place? If so, that’s a great start. If not, you have a blank canvas to paint your vision on. A mission statement is a reflection of your personal values as they apply to your company. No leader can successfully guide a business rooted in beliefs dissimilar to their own.

Does your practice’s current mission statement reveal your values? Does it clearly state them in a way that others can understand? If you answered no to either of these questions, then it’s time to rethink your mission. A clear and effective mission statement is vital to leading your team with consistency. It is the blueprint for handling every situation that may arise.

Creating a Meaningful Mission Statement

Before I proceed, I’d like to share with you the mission statement that we created for our practices.

“We will protect, correct, and enhance eye health and vision by providing the highest level of care and compassion to patients.”

Our mission is concise while still conveying the underlying goals of everything we do. For any instance that might arise within our practices, we can consult our mission as a guidepost for doing what is right. It states not only what we will do but how we will do it﹘ with the utmost care and compassion.

When constructing your practice’s mission, take into consideration what your surface level goals are (administering care, providing relief, etc.), as well as the values that drive the manner in which those goals should be achieved (compassionately, efficiently, etc.). Shave off any generic or irrelevant information. This is the heart and soul of your business boiled down into a brief message.

Share your Mission

At our practices, a common question at regular staff gatherings is, “are we accomplishing our mission?” Your mission can serve as the brightest beacon when exploring what needs to be done to right your ship.

Your mission should be understood by your staff and clearly visible to your patients. This is the foundation of how your practice is run. All behaviors should be in alignment with the mission. It’s extremely important and should be referred to often.

Align and Conquer

A great mission statement utilized in a productive manner will align doctors and staff in one common purpose. When your team is working towards the same goal with a mutual understanding of how their actions relate back to the mission of the company, you’re on your way to sustainable success.

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