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One Patient at a Time

The K2 Way Playbook For Healthcare & Business Success

Healthcare and clinical management have changed significantly over the years. The days of scribbled doctors notes are behind us as technology has made a distinct presence in the healthcare setting. Even with these advancements, efficiency and effectiveness within care are still lacking.

In their book, One Patient at a Time, Drs. Jeff and Susan Kegarise dive into the type of clinical care and patient experience that is often sought after. They believe that the most efficient and effective clinical care exists at private practices more so than in corporate healthcare institutions. Their story gives you an insider’s look of a successful business-minded healthcare professional. Most importantly it provides valuable insights, helping you make your vision of building a private practice a reality.

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Meet Dr. Jeff Kegarise & Dr. Susan Kegarise

Eye Doctor | Speaker | Author

Dr. Jeff Kegarise is a board-certified optometrist, owner of Cool Springs and Donelson EyeCare, Founder of The Tiger Institute, Speaker, and Author. Through his experience in developing his own private practices, Dr. Kegarise has become an expert in clinical management. Now, his mission is to help other practitioners create opportunities, build confidence, and generate impactful growth.

“We live here, we work here, and we are here to take good care of you.”

Wife and clinical parter, Dr. Susan Kegarise owns and manages several businesses with Jeff. A committed mother and optometrist, Susan juggles work, home, and their three children’s sports activities. This husband-wife duo takes pride in Nashville.

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Hear Dr. Kegarise’s story about building his private practice, and how you can accomplish creating a successful healthcare business. With his expertise in optometry and clinical management, Dr. Kegarise provides powerful insight to aspiring healthcare professionals, showing them what can be made possible.

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