The Leadership Care Goal: What It Is & How to Implement It In Your Practice

The Leadership Care Goal - Dr. Jeff Kegarise & Dr. Susan Kegarise

Countless innovations have emerged in recent decades all meant to improve the quality of healthcare. From new medications to sophisticated databases of medical records, all these advances must mean that the quality of patient care is steadily improving. But that’s not the case across all medical practices. These advancements can’t provide the quality of care […]

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What They Didn’t Teach You in Medical School: Five Lessons in Business Management for Your Private Practice

Eye doctor handling business management

How a business is managed is directly related to its level of success. Without proper management, companies tend to be chaotic and inefficient. Although management skills are critical, medical school doesn’t heavily focus on them.   With multiple successful eye care businesses, I’ve learned a thing or two about business management. Here are five lessons that […]

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Allergy Season: What to Do When Allergy Symptoms Affect Your Vision

eye allergies

For many of us, the bright colors and nice spring weather bring something far less pleasant﹘ seasonal allergies. Congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose are all common signs of allergies, but what about the effects on your eyes? Allergy sufferers might experience burning, itching, or redness and watery or swollen eyes. The good news is […]

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