Ep. 009 Hierarchy of Service Delivery

Ep. 009 Hierarchy of Service Delivery

Leaders Mission and Vision

Hierarchy of Service Delivery – borrowed from Disney – when the staff acts like the

owner wants

Alignment is so important – what the owner wants is also demonstrated by the staff –

owner expects staff to act on their behalf when not physically present – ensures the

practice is represented well

The foundation of the service hierarchy is..



Patient Experience


We are living this concept during COVID – safety is now everyone’s main focus

Keeping things safe – remind patients how we build safety in a particular visit

Courteous staff

Feedback – pos/neg, immediate, and certain

“Picnics” with the team

Training – most important training your managers to be aligned

“When faced with 2 right situations which one do we go with”


Drs. Jeff and Susan Kegarise grew their practices in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee,

over the last 25+ years. They also co-authored a book One Patient At A Time , which

you can order today. Drs Jeff and Susan take the reader through 8 chapters and 135

lessons that they have learned, created processes for and institute in their practices

every single day.

A Better Way For Doctors & Patients Are you a doctor who wants to give patients the

best care, yet struggle with the demands of managing the clinic and the business? Or

are you a patient who’s tired of poor service, impolite greetings, and providers in a

rush? Doctors Jeff and Susan Kegarise are here to give you hope. There is a better

way―for both patients and doctors. In One Patient At A Time, they open the doors to

their Nashville practice to let patients see how leadership, systems, staff, and doctors

combine to deliver patient-focused, relationship-driven care. And they show doctors how

to provide this kind of care by giving specific, implementable steps that drive a culture of

service to patients―one that patients clearly see as unique, enjoyable, and a better

experience than the typical doctor visit. Read this book and you will never look at your

healthcare experience or your practice the same. And you will be better for it.

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