Ep. 031 Glaucoma – The Facts, Answered Questions and What to Look For

Ep. 031 Glaucoma – The Facts, Answered Questions and What to Look For

Dr. Jeff and Cole discuss Glaucoma, what signs may be presented when you get Glaucoma.

What’s your cupping?

It may not be what you think it is. Dr. Jeff introduces the visual of the doughnut and why your cupping is so important.

Dr. Jeff answers questions that our patients are asking us on a monthly basis.

Can you get Glaucoma from your mom and dad?


Can you get Glaucoma from your neighbor?


What conversation am I having with my mother / grandmother, that will help us notice signs?

Patients, for the most part, don’t have pain. They also won’t have symptoms – it’s less symptomatic for high blood pressure.

What’s happening with your optic nerve?

This is what we are looking at every time you come in for an exam.

When you have Glaucoma (garden variety type), it’s bi-lateral (in both eyes) but asymmetric disease – one eye proceeds the other. General, people treat both eyes at the same time.

The invert to Glaucoma is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD).

Glaucoma loses vision around the circumference of the eye and conversely ARMD loses vision in the center of the eye.

Is my vision going to be full restored?

With Glaucoma, when you lose your vision; we can’t bring it back.

We’re looking at millions of nerve wires and seeing if they are thinning to see if you are trending to Glaucoma, over time. We’re watching the nerve, structure and function by the OCT and side-vision test are part of it as well.

12 to 20 is the average eye pressure – it varies day to day and time of day.

4 Types of Glaucoma

  • Congenital Glaucoma
  • Unique to You
  • Closed Angle (painful type, estimate 3%) – very unique – sudden eye pressure rise, blurred vision, comes on very quick. 45-65 years old
  • Open Angle (“Garden Variety” is 85%) majority of Glaucoma patients

You won’t feel pressure in your eyes until it’s in the mid-40s range.

What does Glaucoma suspect mean?

It means you have risk factors (age, African American, Rx, Diabetes, thickness of your cornea, performance of side-vision test) and that we are watching your measurements, pressures and other risk factors.

Does it mean I will get Glaucoma?


9 out of 10 people will not get Glaucoma

Will I get Glaucoma because I’m Diabetic?


Having your annual eye exam is so important to consistently watching the health of your optic nerve, watching your high pressure and the general aging and health of your eyes.

We can see so much more today, just by looking into your eyes.

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