Ep. 012 Dr. Keg Discusses Neurolens with Dr. Shields

Dr. Jeff discusses the Neurolens and its dramatic effect on the improvement of headaches and migraines in patients. Dr. Evan Shields discusses his experience with the Neurolens and his own patients. In his experience some of his patients’ migraines were completely eliminated. Some patients experience other symptoms aside from headaches such as light sensitivity, dizziness, […]

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Ep. 011 Get To Know Dr. Evan Shields

Dr. Evan Shields practices at both Cool Springs Eye Care and Donelson Eye Care. Dr Shields is the lead doctor over the Neurolens Program. Dr. Evan Shields grew up in Kentucky. Dr. Shields obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee State University. He went to Optometry School in Memphis Tennessee at the Southern College of […]

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Ep. 010 Get To Know Dr. Aimee Jacobs

Dr. Aimee Jacobs was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Lindenwood University and attended the University of Missouri for Optometry School. Originally Dr. Jacobs wanted to be a pharmacist and did a lot of shadowing in different areas which is when she decided she liked optometry.   Dr. Jacobs found her love […]

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Ep. 009 Hierarchy of Service Delivery

Leaders Mission and Vision Hierarchy of Service Delivery – borrowed from Disney – when the staff acts like the owner wants Alignment is so important – what the owner wants is also demonstrated by the staff – owner expects staff to act on their behalf when not physically present – ensures the practice is represented […]

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Ep. 008 Contact Lens and Types of Telehealth Care

Amy Jacobs – Director of Contact Lens Program at Cool Springs Eye Care and Donelson Eye Care Contact Lens Care – COVID particularly has an effect on contact lens care – because contact lens users touch their face and eyes often – patients cannot be seen for contact lens appointments b/c practices are only being seen […]

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Ep. 006 Get to Know Dr. Susan Kegarise

Dr Jeff and Susan Kegarise

Dr. Susan – from Ohio Graduated from Ohio State – met husband at Ohio State Importance and value of education gained during residency 3 kids Originally considered Dentistry then decided to become eye doctor Farsightedness – many kids don’t realize how hard their eyes are working – leads to issue of near vision reading – […]

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Ep. 001 Dr. Jeff Kegarise Talks COVID-19 with Dr. Steven Tuck

In the first (4) episodes, Dr. Jeff Kegarise, OD speaks with a hospital administrator, pediatric physician, ER doctor and local clinic director about COVID-19. Dr. Steven Tuck, MD is on the frontlines in Macon, Georgia. This episode was recorded on Saturday, March 28, 2020. If you like this podcast, please SUBSCRIBE and leave us a […]

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